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Each night at 9P we take calls from small business owners at 1-800-520-1KFI !

Make your pitch, have the info ready to go - a website, social media or email. We cannot give out phone numbers.

Tubular Gear:

Here's a note from the owner Erin McGann:

"Tubular Gear was born from a suggestion my husband made to create a leash using a leftover bike inner tube. From there I have developed multiple products created using bike inner tube's that I salvage from local bike shops. All Tubular Gear products are made by me in my home. I sell through several local shops, as well as participating in craft fair's, and here on Etsy."

With the onset of COVID-19 she has set her sewing machine to making custom face masks as well. In this time of hardship she did not start thinking about herself or her family. She did not start thinking about the cancelled trade shows, farmers markets, and craft shows that she will not be able to sell her products at. Instead, she started thinking about her neighbors. She looked around at the people she lived next to and she said "How can I serve them?" In addition to making masks, every week she fills a large plastic bin outside her house with non-perishable food items with a sign on it. "FREE TP. FREE FOOD. Take as Much As You Need."

So let's help Erin out and support her!

Website: tubulargear.patternbyetsy.com

Instagram: @TubularGear

Facebook: @TubularGear

BlueGold Distributors

BlueGold Distributors is a veteran owned and operated company specializing in construction material and life safety distribution. One of their most popular products is the REX Mobile Stretcher.

The REX Mobile Stretcher allows a single responder to easily move a patient, as compared to the traditional stretchers that can take up to 2-4 responders to use. These stretchers are great for not only first responders, but also those working in urgent care facilities and senior living centers.

Even better, BlueGold Distributors wants to help an organization in need by donating one of their REX Mobile Stretchers free of cost! Think your organization could use one? Click HERE to enter the giveaway!

Check out more on their website, BlueGoldDistributors.com.

Nauti USA:

Nauti’s journey began with an unlikely meeting between our founder, Angel, and a 2nd generation Italian craftsman. Coming from the entertainment industry, Angel had never envisioned being a craftswoman. However, she saw the potential for a business that could benefit her community. Thus, Angel took a leap of faith, purchased the Italian craftsman’s machines and started her business designing high quality, custom made sandals.

Originally, we went by the name of “Sustainable Sandals,” featuring repurposed leather in our footwear to reduce waste.

A few years after, Nauti was born, and we switched to using marine quality vinyl in our products because it is cruelty free, durable, comfortable, resists bacterial growth, and maintains color and light. Furthermore, our flip flops are designed by input received from renowned podiatrists, providing our customers with maximum comfort. 

By bring hand made in Southern California, our sandals support local craftsmanship. Today, we are based in Orange County, where we serve our customers online, through local boutiques and surf & art festivals. Additionally, we ship our flip flops and other coastal-inspired products across the United States.

Order your pair of sandals HERE.

For more information Go to the website NAUTIUSA.com Or Follow on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @Nautiusa

Poke Bar:

At Poké Bar, we believe fast food should be fresh food. From our premium ingredients to our exceptional service, eating healthy has never been easier—or more enjoyable! 

At Poké Bar, we put our own spin on the island favorite, starting our poké bowls with a base of rice, noodles, or greens. From there, we add your choice of fish, mix-ins, sauces, sides and toppings for a healthy meal that’s all your own. 

Phone number: (818) 696-1566

Address: 132 S Brand Blvd.

HUNGRY? Order here.

"Chop Stop… One bite will make you a true believer"

For more deliciousness, visit their website CHOPSTOP.COM

The Professional Wellness Academy:

A growing number of health care institutions across California offer medication-assisted treatment with funding and support from the state’s MAT Expansion Project, which started in 2018 and is financed by $265 million in federal grants.

Opiate addiction in the USA is currently affecting millions of people. The withdrawal symptoms from opioid addiction can be more difficult than any other illicit drug. Medicated-assisted treatment (MAT) works to assist patients medically in overcoming their withdrawal symptoms. 

If you or anyone you knows needs help, please reach out to the The Professional Wellness Academy.

They provide resources for people struggling with an opioid addiction. ProWellness Academy works to Increase the availability of Outpatient Counseling + subsequent MAT for its patients by providing a variety of support services for each patient that are culturally and geographically desirable for each.

Treatment specialization includes:

Counseling for addiction, depression and anxiety

Initial Assessments, full Treatment Plans & weekly written Progress Notes.

Parenting Support

Grief Counseling

Psycho-Social Support (i.e. education, work and career issues, housing, family)

Addiction Triggers, and Stress Management

Addiction, Recovery & Subsequent Medical Care Case management & Coordination

Conflict Resolution

They also offer Virtual Counseling for 1:1 Tele-health sessions in the privacy of your home.

For more information, please CLICK HERE.

Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook

Quality Tire Goodyear:

If you need tires, brakes, an oil change, have your engine repaired, or anything else with your car this is the place for you.

Because of the coronavirus, hours have changed at their locations but if you call ahead you can make an appointment at any time for your needs.

Check them out today

Quality Tire Goodyear

Located at: 476 W. Valley Blvd. Rialto, CA 92376 and 13715 Calimesa Blvd. Yucaipa, CA 92399

Phone number: 909-421-1889 (Rialto) or (909)-446-8400

Website: https://qualitytireone.com/

Facebook: Facebook.com/qualitytire.goodyear

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