Apparently Los Angeles Has A "Toxic Car Culture"

Then And Now: Los Angeles' Freeways Empty Out During Coronavirus Pandemic

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Well the El Segundo Times is at it again

It amazes us at the John and Ken show how many ridiculous articles they can come out with.

This week, they are thanking the coronavirus for making it clear that Los Angeles is a toxic car culture.

Yeah, this article is pointing out that ever since Gavin Newsom and Eric Garcetti closed all non-essential businesses, there's been almost no one on the once busy Los Angeles freeways are now practically empty.

Since these restrictions were placed, there's also been a major decline in carbon emissions. The air quality in LA has never been better.

Now this is where things get absurd. They are claiming that being stuck inside is now saving more lives because air pollution and car accidents kills drastically more than the coronavirus could.

YES! This is a real article.

Here's a quote:

"Air pollution kills — to the tune of 7 million people each year around the world, mostly from the burning of fossil fuels," The Times article read. "And then there are the crashes. A UC Davis study recently found that lockdown orders had prevented 6,000 serious injuries and deaths on California roads — and saved over $1 billion in crash-related costs."

The articles continues on and blames Angelenos for driving so much, like it's our fault. Maybe if this state and city fixed their local transit and infrastructure problem we wouldn't be as bad as they are trying to claim....

But that's the El Segundo Times for you. Releasing stupid articles like this constantly.

To read this ridiculous article yourself, please click here.

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