Shoppers Get Scammed When Buying Toilet Paper Online, Gets Sent Mini Rolls

Scammers are holding nothing back and are now targeting one of the most coveted things for people right now.

Toilet paper.

As the paper rolls are being hoarded in stores leaving shelves empty, shoppers are turning to online markets to get their rolls.

Unfortunately, nothing really is sacred anymore and shoppers are saying they are receiving ridiculously small rolls.

Many people say the rolls they ordered (at a major markup) were at LEAST one-third the size of a normal roll.

Though don't worry...not all online TP shopping is for naught.

The Better Business Bureau has tips for online shopping including, what is probably the most important... if it's too good to be true, it probably is.

Digital Trends also compiled a list of tips specifically for digitally buying toilet paper and also suggests using the "shopping" feature on Google to find other options.

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