Keeping The Family Safe: ER Doctor Self-Isolates In His Kids' Treehouse

In an effort to protect their families while out on the front lines battling the coronavirus, many health care workers have chosen to self-isolate... For Dr. Jason Barnes, he's riding out the pandemic from the comfort of his backyard in Texas.

The Corpus Christi ER doc has called his kids' treehouse home for the last three weeks, shouting down any requests to his wife and two sons below.

“They’re within yelling distance,” Dr. Barnes said. “But I can call or go up to the glass. They know not to open the door and risk catching something.”

Fortunately, his two sons, ages 6 and 9, are taking this all in stride with Barnes admitting, "They love that thing, but they understand, so they’re not missing the treehouse, per se."

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Read the full story on ABC News.

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