Dr. Fauci Believes Reopening The Economy Too Soon Will Backfire

The White House Holds Daily Briefing On Coronavirus Pandemic

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This past weekend protestors across the country gathered in different cities to urge their state officials to open their state again.

Well Dr. Anthony Fauci, a member of President Trump's coronavirus task force, has a message for those protestors.

Monday, on Good Morning America, Dr. Anthony Fauci acknowledged the economic fallout - "clearly this is something that is hurting" - but said reopening too soon is "going to backfire."

"So what you do if you jump the gun and go into a situation where you have a big spike, you’re going to set yourself back," he said. "So as painful as it is to go by the careful guidelines of gradually phasing into a reopening, it’s going to backfire. That’s the problem."

President Trump threw his support for the protesters in Minnesota, Michigan and Virginia on Friday. All three are run by Democratic governors.

"As far as protesters, you know, I see protesters for all sorts of things," Trump said Sunday. "And I’m with everybody. I'm with everybody."

Trump believes that some governors have gone too far with their restrictions.

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