People From All Over The World Are ‘Passing’ Toilet Paper To Each Other

Surely you've heard of the 'Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020' we all joked about when the coronavirus pandemic first began... But have you heard of the 'Great Toilet Paper Toss of 2020'?!

While most of the world is following stay-at-home orders, one animator decided this was the perfect time for him to work on his next project. 19-year-old Kai Forman got 50 people from the website Reddit to send video of them tossing toilet paper to each other, then he edited them all together to show the world playing a game of hot potato with the roll of toilet paper!

Check out the video below:

Freeman said he received over 200 video submissions, but only 50 made the cut from far off places like Zgharta, Lisbon, France and the USA. But if you missed this one don't worry, he said he already has plans for another toilet tossing video! Freeman said he wants to make it bigger and better, so if you want to get in on the fun you can find him on Reddit at 'Kaisei_forman'.

"During these testing times, I wanted to make a video that would bring some light into peoples lives," he said. "A special thanks goes out to all the legends who sent in their videos."

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