How Can We Recover From The 'Worst Disaster in the History of Aviation'?

Brian Sumers is a travel expert and the senior aviation business editor for the travel site He says airports across the country have transformed into virtual ghost towns thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. And here in California -- LAX, Burbank, and the Long Beach airports have been hit especially hard.

"This is the worst disaster for aviation in the history of aviation," Sumers told ABC7. "The United Airlines president came out and said last week this is not just worse than 9/11, this is like two or three times worse."

LAX looks emptier than it's ever been, and the Hollywood Burbank Airport just shut down its Terminal B, moving all of their operations over to Terminal A. According to Sumers, it could stay this way for as long as five years...

"Airlines, immediately when this is over, they are going to invest in areas where they are strong and then the outline airports will come back after that," he said.

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