#FeelGood Feline Gets Official Write Up From HR During Quarantine

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A few weeks ago, many of us started working from home, which interrupted our regular routines, and I know that those of us who have pets realized that this interrupted their routines as well.

I know my dog, Roxy was suddenly surprised by my constant presence, and she wasn't exactly the best co-worker, at times napping right in front of me while I was working, or just sitting and staring at me like, "Lady, this is my quiet time, can you stop with the digital meeting please?"

So I asked for listeners to send me some photos of their pets reacting to them being at home all the time...check out a few of the ones I received below.

Well, one husband and wife had a similar experience with their pets while working at home.

Andrew and Sheila Stych share their home with four cats and a dog. When they both started working from home because of the stay-at-home order, they realized that their pet's routines were interrupted by this sudden change as well. One of their cats in particular, named Penelope was getting up to a little more mischief than normal, like walking across the keyboard when her humans were trying to work, playing with wires and generally demanding more attention.

So, Andrew decided to deal with the situation in the way that any HR manager would when they receive a complaint about a co-worker acting up. Penelope received an official write up.

It read:

"Penelope, this letter serves to formally document your failure to comply with household regulations, and your lack of adherence to workspace policies. You have been a great contributor to workplace morale and have been meeting your quota with regards to cuteness and chasing hair ties. However, your continual insistence on attempting to (or succeeding in) shutting off the power strip and computer in the middle of work hours, insistence on stepping on the keyboard during critical company events, and general mayhem has resulted in significant loss of productivity. We value your contribution to the household, but you must demonstrate an immediate and permanent alteration to your workplace habits or you face more severe repercussions up to and including withholding treats."

After Andrew wrote up the letter, he had an official meeting with Penelope and her co-worker Sheila, to discuss the write up and have them both sign it which they did. You can see the official document below.

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