California Man Arrested for Price-Gouging After Selling N95 Masks for $300

A California man has been arrested after he was caught price-gouging coronavirus protective masks.

Covina resident Johnwill Baldonado was taken into custody following a sting operation by the Baldwin Park Police Department.

The sting began with a Facebook user tipping off authorities to Baldonado selling N95 face masks for $300 a box.

Police Chief Steven McLean says undercover officers set up a meeting with Baldonado and agreed to purchase a box of the masks.

"When he got arrested, he was embarrassed, but he felt he was doing what he had to do to take care of his family...I get it, but you’re not going to do it at the expense of an entire community."

Baldonado was then arrested on suspicion of price-gouging and when officers looked at his loot, they found 21 boxes containing a total of 420 N95 respirators.

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