Gavin Newsom Admits Fault In California Testing Capabilities

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The governor of California, Gavin Newsom, said this weekend that he will dramatically increase COVID-19 for residents in his state. During this conference, he owned up to the testing lapses.

California is among on the lowest states with testing capabilities.

“The testing space has been a challenging one for us and I own that,” Newsom said. “And I have a responsibility as your governor to do better and do more testing in the state of California.”

Newsom said the task force will now be focused on increasing daily testing, helping out with supply shortages and even add more testing locations.

“We are now in a position where I can confidently say it’s a new day,” Newsom said.

This announcement comes as the state of California continues to see dramatic increased in confirmed cases daily.

As of right now there are 2,300 patients in the state with 1,0008 people in ICU units. This number has risen 11%.

However, around 3,200 people are hospitalized for suspicion of having COVID-19, but are still awaiting their test results.

“People are taking advantage of all of us at this moment, and saying they’re going to deliver something quite literally that they’re not capable of delivering or never intended to deliver,” Newsom said.

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