COVID-19 Traces Back to Labs in Wuhan, China


Photo: Getty Images

Debates continue to circle on who caused the spread of the coronavirus. News outlets came out this week that China lied about their coronavirus cases.

But more information comes out that proves China knew about the root cause a lot longer before they let the world know.

Back in November of 2019, the Wuhan Institute of Virology posted a job opening “asking for scientists to come research the relationship between the coronavirus and bats.”

That's right, a month before any news of coronavirus came out, China was already looking for scientists to investigate the root cause of coronavirus.

The first job posting said, “Taking bats as the research object, I will answer the molecular mechanism that can coexist with Ebola and SARS- associated coronavirus for a long time without disease, and its relationship with flight and longevity. Virology, immunology, cell biology, and multiple omics are used to compare the differences between humans and other mammals.”

Eventually as news of the virus spread, the Wuhan Institute added a second job posting on December 24, 2019 with more clear details on researching COVID-19. The job posting read “long-term research on the pathogenic biology of bats carrying important viruses has confirmed the origin of bats of major new human and livestock infectious diseases such as SARS and SADS, and a large number of new bat and rodent new viruses have been discovered and identified.”

So no matter what China tries to claim, the real origin of this virus always traces back to Wuhan.

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