Woke Stupidity is More Dangerous Than the Spread of Covid-19


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The coronavirus is dangerous and the federal government is taking the necessary precaution to control it.

However, stupidity can't be controlled.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, woke idiocy has followed every step of the crisis. The Fake News Network, oh we meant CNN, published a fluff piece criticizing the President's health crisis managers for not being diverse enough.

I don't know about you, but diversity is NOT a factor in whether or not we get the coronavirus. Why a news organization would post an article about that in the middle of a global pandemic is beyond me?

Women's rights advocates are also another group of woke idiots during this time. They are insisting that the real victims of this crisis are women, people of color, and gay people. They are jumping up and down that the president's actions prove that he is a homophobe. Here is a real caption from one of these woke idiots.

“If I die of COVID-19, forget burial, drop my body on the steps of Mar-a-Lago.”

UN Women declared, “Gender equality matters in COVID-19 response” and asked “how are women uniquely impacted by crises like COVID-19” even though men are twice as likely to die from coronavirus.

So from the John and Ken show, please DO NOT BE ONE OF THESE STUPID PEOPLE.

America will survive this. We will make it out on the other side. They were will probably be a vaccine for the virus.

But we can never cure is woke stupidity and that can be far more dangerous than any disease.

For more information, please read here.

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