Vegan Food is Being Rejected at Grocery Stores

Vegan And Vegetarian Alternatives Are A Growing Trend In Berlin

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Debra Mark and all the other vegans in the world, we have some good news for you!

Your vegan food is still in stock at the grocery stores.

Even in the middle of a global pandemic, shoppers aren't desperate enough to buy vegan food.

John has warned everyone and has said it for years, you could not pay him to eat plant-based food. It doesn't matter that everything else is sold out. People rather starve than make themselves suffer through bad food.

Many social media users have posted to social media what's being left behind and can't help but laugh.

Don't worry, vegan eaters.

People aren't buying pineapple pizza, chickpea pasta, and anything that has the word "corona" on it.

We may be stuck in self-quarantine and times are tough. But it's never tough enough to eat vegan or any other bad food.

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