Garcetti Announces Crackdown On 'Nonessential' Businesses Refusing To Close

During a press conference on Tuesday, Los Angeles Mayor Eric (Yoga Pants) Garcetti announced that the city is prepared to deploy neighborhood prosecutors to investigate any "nonessential" businesses that are still open.

Due to the fast spread of COVID-19, all nonessential businesses in Los Angeles have been ordered to close. But according to Garcetti, the city has received numerous complaints that some of those businesses still open and operating.

"Believe me when I say nobody wants to be punitive at a time like this," Garcetti said. "My ideal is 100% self-compliance, and we all hope for the same thing -- we want fewer people to get sick and die. ... We can achieve those goals but only if we all do our part."

To help enforce those orders, the Safer at Home Business Ambassadors Program plans to deploy numerous neighborhood prosecutors to police stations across the city. Watch Garcetti explain the details below:

According to Garcetti, Los Angeles is about six to 12 days behind what we are seeing happen in New York right now.

"The peak is not here yet. The peak will be bad," Garcetti added. "The best way to save the economy is to save lives."

Check out more details on Fox 11.

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