Garcetti Says Businesses Violating COVID-19 Order Will Be Forced to Close

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Today Mayor Eric Garcetti made the announcement that business that are not adhering to the safer at home mandate, will be forced to close. Although most people are abiding by the order, Garcetti says that his office is still getting reports of people gathering in groups of 10 or more in public.

Any nonessential business still operating will be investigated by the city’s neighborhood prosecutor. Prosecutors are assigned to local police stations around the city to assist in enforcing closure orders.

``Believe me when I say nobody wants to be punitive at a time like this,'' Garcetti said. ``My ideal is 100% self-compliance, and we all hope for the same thing -- we want fewer people to get sick and die. ... We can achieve those goals but only if we all do our part.''

Those who refuse to comply could be hit with a citation or will have their utilities cut off.

Garcetti also stated that Los Angeles is 6 to 12 days behind New York, as far as the virus’s extent, and Angeleno’s should be prepared for things to get worse before they get better.

``The peak is not here yet. The peak will be bad,'' Garcetti said. ``The best way to save the economy is to save lives.''

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