Authorities are Warning People to Look out for COVID-19 Inspection Scammers

Authorities are warning people to continue to take precaution against the Coronavirus. With that, also includes scammers who are looking to take advantage of the elderly and ill-informed. The Los Angeles West Valley Police Department posted a bulletin explaining that scammers are going door to door with the intention of defrauding residents, Foxla reports. The police department is reminding the public not to open their doors for strangers and always make sure to ask for credentials.

“If anyone knocks on your door, or calls you claiming to sell vaccines, tests, offers funds etc. related to the coronavirus, they do not represent the Government, and are most likely trying to defraud you,” the bulletin read. “Do not open the door for anyone you are not familiar with and always ask for credentials."

The LAPD asks that the public to be cautious and never give out personal information over the phone or computer and make sure to report any suspected fraud to your local law-enforcement.