A Party in Connecticut Became a ‘Super Spreader’ of COVID-19

Photo: Getty Images

About 50 guests in Westport, Conn. gathered at a home for a 40th birthday party on March 5.

The group greeted old friends as normal, even those who just came back from South Africa.

The party was like any other. They had dinner, shared laughs, but unknown to everyone there - they also spread the coronavirus.

And like any party, they all went their different ways once it was over. This led them to spread the infection in many different places.

Now weeks later this party in Westport is known as Party Zero. It has become the prime example of how social connectedness can contribute to spreading the pandemic at lightning speed.

Half of the party goers are now infected with the virus and without knowing spread it all over the United States.

Westport has a population of 28,000 and had no known cases when the party happened. Now it's up to 85. Fairfield County, where Westport is, has 270 cases, 65 percent of the state’s total.

Governor Lamont pleaded with federal officials for hospital capacity and protective gear. “I urge them: Don’t think in terms of New York, think in terms of the hot spots,” he said. “And that’s New York City, Westchester County — and Fairfield County.”

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