Stores are Starting to Add Security to Toilet Paper Aisle


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America, what's going on? Why are we acting this way? I know we're in a public health crisis, but this is taking things too far.

No one really knows where this demand for toilet paper came from, but it's so in demand that grocery stores are having to add security in their toilet paper aisles. 

So far Kroger, Stop & Shop, and Shop Rite are just three of the chains beefing up security around the toilet paper. Walmart, on the other hand, is using a mixture of cops and security services around their toilet paper. 

"This is a natural reaction to some of the panic and frenzy we have been seeing," said David Levenberg, president of Center Security Services, a retail security consulting firm. "Supplies are limited and the more people think they need to hoard toilet paper, the more likely it is that things will get out of control."

"There needs to be some organization and a physical deterrent to aggressive behavior at these stores," Levenberg said.

Other chains are using the plainclothes cop approach to try and deter any problems with hoarding and fighting over rolls of toilet paper. 

Some police departments around the country are stationing more cops around grocery stores as well.

"In addition to routine patrol, officers are also being directed to conduct additional patrols at schools, supermarkets, and hospitals to ensure the safety of everyone present at those locations," said a spokesperson for the New York Police Department.

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