L.A. Councilwoman: Unpermitted Street Vendor Ban Necessary Amid Coronavirus

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez said today the Los Angeles City Council's action on Tuesday to immediately prohibit unpermitted street vending was warranted amid the state of emergency declared in response to the novel coronavirus outbreak.

“We must take preventative measures seriously and help flatten the curve on the spread of this virus,” Rodriguez said. “Large public gatherings at restaurants and food establishments present a public health risk. It is in the public's best interest to eliminate the congregation of people in all public spaces. Street vendors are no exception.”

The Los Angeles Police Department and the city's Bureau of Streets Services will immediately begin enforcing the city's emergency action on unpermitted street vendors, the councilwoman said.

Rodriguez's original motion called for a complete moratorium on street vending, whether the vendors have permits or not, but under the advice of the city attorney, she submitted a substitute motion during Tuesday's council meeting to target just vendors who don't have the proper permits.

The councilwoman said that until today, the city permit requirement was not being enforced in order to comply with a council-approved grace period that was supposed to last until June, which was to be used as a time to provide for outreach and education of the permitting process.

Photo: Getty Images

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