How To Help Local Businesses During a Pandemic

With the global economy plummeting due to Coronavirus closures, local businesses are suffering significantly.

As an attempt to help small, local businesses out, Gary and Shannon are talking to business owners to make sure their voices are being heard by spreading awareness.

Today, Chris Blanchard, the President and Co-Founder of Chicas Tacos, expressed gratitude to have had the opportunity to fulfill his lifelong dream of starting this company with his brothers.

Now the Chicas Tacos family wants "to help their employees during this time... and promote positive thoughts."

Check out their website at to learn more or to purchase a gift card to help out those in need.

Oh and don't forget to follow their social media pages!

Instagram: @chicastacos / FaceBook: @ChicasTacosLA/ Twitter: @ChicasTacosLA

For more on Chris' discussion with Gary and Shannon, listen to the podcast below!

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