Even Jimmy Fallon Struggles To Do His Job While Home With His Kids

If you feel like you can’t work at home with the kids, you are not alone! Jimmy Fallon feels the exact same way... But the show must go on and at least Fallon tried his best last night.

The 10-minute special premiered last night with the help of Fallon's family. His wife, Nancy, worked as the camera operator. His daughter kept interrupting the program with an offer to play the drums, and they even interviewed the family god named Gary.

“So, we’re gonna be doing some jokes for you, maybe a song or just something. We’ll switch it up every night, but we want to give you some content every single night for as long as we think we’re gonna do this,” Fallon said.

Watch The Tonight Show: At Home Edition below!

“I’m doing the show from my home for two reasons,” he joked. “First, to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Second, so I can write off my real estate taxes.”

Fallon also promised to share information about a different charity each night of the show.

Check out more information on the Today Show.

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