5.7 Earthquake Strikes Salt Lake City Area

Residents in Salt Lake City, Utah were rudely awakened Wednesday morning after a 5.7 magnitude earthquake shook the city just after 7 a.m. There have been no reports of major damage or casualties.

Fourteen aftershocks were recorded shortly after the early-morning quake, with the largest measured at a M3.9.

"From what we have been able to determine, it doesn't appear this was major shaking," Utah's Division of Emergency Management tweeted moments following quake.

Power was knocked out for some 13,000 customers in the area according to Rocky Mountain Power.

"We had a 5.7 earthquake out of Magna this morning - felt across much of the state. Follow proper safety measures in the event of any additional aftershocks or quakes," Utah Gov. Gary Herbert tweeted. "Please stay away from the downtown area while crews assess damage. Unless you work in public safety, or are an essential employee, remain at home or telework."

The governor also reported that the state's coronavirus hotline was currently down.

This is the largest quake Utah residents have experienced since a 5.9 magnitude struck near St. George, Utah in 1992. According to the USGS, earthquakes greater than magnitude 5 happen once about every ten years, and quakes stronger than magnitude 6 happen once every 50 years.

The "Frankie & Jess" morning show on 97.1 ZHT in Salt Lake City were recording their show when the quake struck. Check out the footage below:

Photo: U.S. Geological Survey.

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