#FeelGood - Working From Home Isn't Always Easy When You Have A Pet!

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If you're on the hunt for news to make you feel good during this difficult time, then my blog is the place to be. I'll provide you some stress relief in the midst of all the anxiety so many are feeling right now.

Stella is an English labrador, and she likes leaves. She especially likes jumping in BIG piles of leaves. Her people decided to do a compilation of all of Stella's best leaf jumps and as you can see, she is clearly a pro! You can follow all of Stella's antics on: Facebook, and Instagram @dognamedstella

Since so many people have been working from home, I took to Twitter to ask people to send me the photos of them working at home with their pets. Since their pet's routines are interrupted, I predicted that they would be SO happy to see their people home when they're usually not, and because of that, those with the intentions of working from home, might have a little bit of trouble getting work done. I tagged it #WorkusInterruptus.

Here are some of the responses I received. My very favorite is this first one....her name is Lucy and she is CLEARLY happy that her person is working from home!

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