6 L.A. Firefighters Quarantined After Treating Woman With COVID-19 Virus

Full Length Of Firefighter Walking Amidst Smoke

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Six Los Angeles city firefighters will be under quarantine until Monday after learning a patient they treated at Union Station earlier this month eventually tested positive for coronavirus, the fire department announced today.

According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, the six firefighters responded to Union Station March 2 on a report of a female patient with breathing difficulty. The patient was treated but didn't meet the criteria for testing for COVID-19, according to the department.

On Friday, however, the county Department of Public Health notified the LAFD that the woman subsequently tested positive for coronavirus. To meet the 14-day quarantine requirement for coronavirus exposure, the six firefighters will be quarantined for three more days, according to the LAFD.

Four of the affected firefighters were working at their assigned station when they were notified and sent home. The station and all of its equipment is being sanitized, according to the department.

The agency did not specify the location of the station.

None of the affected firefighters are displaying any symptoms of the illness, according to the LAFD.

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