#TerrorintheSkies: Allergies Mistaken for Coronavirus

As coronavirus fears consume the world, people's terror has amplified to a new level in the skies.

To elaborate, on Sunday, United Airlines flight 1562 had taken off from Eagle, Colorado when the plane was forced on a detour to Denver.

The reason? Passengers became hysterical over another passenger sneezing and coughing.

After landing, the "infected" passenger was evaluated and diagnosed with allergies.

The disruptive passengers were then removed by law enforcement and the passenger who was suffering from allergies was permitted to stay aboard the flight headed to Newark, New Jersey.

The airline is still investigating the incident that occurred to determine whether or not charges will filed, CBS4 reported.

Moral of the story - pump the brakes!

Yes, coronavirus is real and we should all be taking precautions.

But just because someone sneezes or coughs, does not mean they have it.

Stay calm and wash your hands.

For more #TerrorInTheSkies listen in to hear what Gary and Shannon had to say about it!

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