Joe Biden Scores Early Wins As Voters In Six States Head To The Polls

Joe Biden Holds Campaign Event In Ohio

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders' campaign is on life support after a disappointing showing on Tuesday (March 10) night. Former Vice President Joe Biden easily won the Democratic primaries in Mississippi and Missouri, which have 36 and 68 delegates, respectively.

Biden also claimed a crucial victory in Michigan, which was the biggest prize of the night, with 125 delegates up for grabs. He also won in Idaho, while Sanders managed to win North Dakota.

Sanders did not speak following the rough night, and one of his campaign advisors told CNN: "This was his path. Tonight was his path. It didn't happen."

He is still planning to debate Biden on Sunday, though it is unclear what he will do after that.

Meanwhile, Biden addressed his supporters in Philadelphia and tried to unify the Democratic party.

"Tonight, we are a step closer to restoring decency, dignity, and honor to the White House," Biden continued. "That's our ultimate goal."

The race in Washington is too early to call as Biden and Sanders are percentage points apart as the results continue to come in.

Photo: Getty Images

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