This Website Will Tell You If An Event Is Cancelled Because Of Coronavirus

It seems that every day we hear about more cases of coronavirus, and for every story about people getting sick, there seems to be one about yet another event getting cancelled because of the illness. While some concerts and conferences have already been scrapped or postponed, there are many scheduled that, as of now, are still set to happen. Of course, with each passing hour, that could change. Thankfully, someone has set up a website to help us all keep straight which events are still on and which have been cancelled.

It's aptly named and it lists everything from the 2020 Olympics to SXSW. The simple site features the name of an event and under it, if it has been cancelled or not. That information is often linked to a story explaining why the event has or has not been scrapped.

Although there are some jokey things listed for fun, overall the site is a helpful resource in the ever-changing coronavirus world we find ourselves now living in.

Photo: Getty Images

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