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Since the beginning of human history, gender roles were assigned so that mothers would take care of the homes and children, while fathers provided for their families.

Today, these gender roles as well as the perceptions on them have shifted significantly, with more women pursuing careers and being mothers while men are becoming more involved with their children.

Yet when it comes to house work, women are still picking up the slack, according to recent studies highlighted in the New York Times.

Researchers suspect there are multiple reasons for this such as some men upholding traditional views on gender roles, others not wanting to do chores, or perhaps because they feel threatened by their partner's success.

Regardless of the reason, research has shown that in both same sex partners and partners of opposite sex, one person is doing a majority of the work both within and outside the home.

Whether it is parenting or housework, many researchers are suggesting making relationships more equal will go a long way not only in the home, but within society as well.

Justin Worshom, the host of The Dad Podcast, feels similarly on this perspective.

"As a stay at home dad I struggled with people feeling like I couldn’t take care of my son as well as my wife could.
Turns out it has nothing to do with gender. It has to do with how much contact you have with the baby." 

This stance can be supported by a recent study conducted by scientists at the Center for Developmental Social Neuroscience, which found that the more involved fathers were with their children, the chemical levels in the brain associated with paternal instincts became identical between mothers and fathers.

That said, fathers are just as biologically prepared to parent as mothers, if they are actively involved.

So dads out there, do not feel negatively about dad responsibilities because being a dad is cool and important. Oh, and while you are at it, cleaning up a bit won't kill you.

To hear more of Justin, you can check out all of his stuff at The Dad Podcast.

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