Vision Zero Equals More Deaths ?

Pepperdine Professor of economics Gary M. Galles has been researching Mayor Garcetti's Vision Zero & L.A.'s mobility initiatives for quite some time.

What Professor Galles has found is that while Vision Zero's mission is to increase cyclist and pedestrian safety, L.A.'s mobility plans have instead increased traffic and have created emergency vehicle delays.

Professor Galles does a great job analyzing how the elimination of car lanes can lead to potentially deadly consequences when medical response delays are inevitable.

The traffic safety proposals initiated by Los Angeles’ Mayor Garcetti and the City Council are already huge failures, judged by the interim benchmark they set for themselves. And there is little real hope that “more of the same” will transform them into successes. In fact, that could increase fatalities from both pedestrian-involved traffic accidents (as it seems to have so far) and those who suffer sudden cardiac arrest and other emergencies, because worsening traffic congestion even further would extend emergency vehicle delays even more widely. Perhaps instead of moving forward, city leaders should take more seriously their mandate to base decisions on “substantial evidence,” since they are failing on their own terms, even while ignoring other deaths their proposals would cause.

Read Professor Gary M. Galles analysis here

Photo by Alexander Popov on Unsplash

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