Berkeley City Council OKs Cannabis Consumption In Lounges

Ban Introduced On Smoking Marijuana In Public Areas

The Berkeley City Council has okayed the use of cannabis in local lounges, also known as pot cafes in a Tuesday night vote that was met with mix reviews. Representatives with a local dispensary group said they want to move to another location at the intersection of University and San Pablo avenues where they can open a smoking lounge.

Opponents to the dispensary say the dispensary, Berkeley Patients Group, would be too close to a preschool and library.

“If they think that’s the best location, I wonder what a bad locations is. Plus we got no notice for the neighbors of this business about this lounge,” Carol Denney, a Berkeley resident told KPIX.

The council's decision could lead to other pot cafes opening their doors in other parts of the city.

The city council is also looking at legalizing as many as seven cannabis delivery services in the city, as well as increase the areas where marijuana can be grown commercially, and opening warehouses where those services can take phone and internet orders.

Photo: Getty Images

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