There's A Petition To Change The NBA Logo In Honor Of Kobe Bryant

NBA Finals Game 5:  Los Angeles Lakers v Orlando Magic

Photo: Getty Images

NBA Legend and former Lakers player Kobe Bryant has tragically passed away after a devastating helicopter crash.

His 13-year-old daughter and seven other victims were on the helicopter as well. They were on their way for a basketball game at the Mamba Academy.

Fans of the NBA star have been mourning this loss ever since the news came out.

Now hundreds of thousands have called on the NBA to update the league's logo from Jerry West to now Kobe Bryant.

“With the untimely and unexpected passing of the great Kobe Bryant please sign this petition in an attempt to immortalize him forever as the new NBA Logo,” creator Nick M wrote on the petition.

He added that he hoped ” … our dream does come true and we are able to see Kobe Bryant engraved into the NBA Logo.”

The petition had amassed over 280,000 signatures Monday.

The current NBA logo was designed by Alan Siege and features the silhouette of Los Angeles Lakers great Jerry West.

The NBA has used its iconic logo since 1971.

If you're interested in signing the petition, please click here.

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