The Dog With A Slanted Face Finds Forever Home

After living a majority of his life in an animal shelter, Brodie, a German Shepherd and Border Collie mix with a slanted face has finally found his forever home and family. 

Brodie’s unique, slanted look came from injuries he sustained from his mother biting him only days after his birth, which permanently altered his facial structure and partially blinded his left eye.

The sweet boy had been adopted before as a puppy, but was sadly returned by his previous owner because he was “too hyper”, CBS reported. 

Thankfully, the shelter took special attention to Brodie’s adoption process to ensure this situation would not happen again, and after going through many requests, they found a couple who were just right. 

Brodie is currently enjoying his new situation with his loving parents, who hope that they can eventually train him to be a therapy dog.

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