Teaching Failure & New Co-Parenting Trends - With The Dad Podcast

Do your kids know how to fail?

Think about it...

Have they failed?

Of course they have.

But do they know how to handle it? Do they know how to learn from it? Do they know how to turn a short-term negative into a long-term positive?

According to research outlined in The New York Times, teaching your kids to fail is extremely important, and Justin Worsham of The Dad Podcast agrees, with most of it...

"I think teaching your kids to fail is so much more important that anything. I don’t worry too much about telling them they are smart. But I do constantly tell them that they should try something because it will either work out or they will learn from it."

Ok, maybe you don't have kids yet.

Is it because you haven't found the right person yet? Are you afraid the perfect partner doesn't exist?

Well, you just might be interested in this new trend...

According to The Wall Street Journal, co-parenting is going online. Singles are using websites to find other singles that also want to have a child. It seems to land somewhere between using a sperm bank and having a child in typical committed relationship, and Justin isn't digging it.

"I don’t think I have ever felt so closed-minded in my entire life. The idea of helping people raise kids out of a relationship really bothers me. But is it that much worse than a couple meeting in a bar and eventually finding out they are pregnant and making-a-go for the sake of the kids? At least in this example people are investigating each other, planning shared custody, and are in it because they want a kid. What is more important than wanting the child you have? According to "Freakonomics," statistics show that children that are the product of unwanted pregnancies are eventually responsible for most of the crime in the country."

To hear more of Justin's take on teaching kids how to fail, new co-parenting trends, and other parenting topics, you can check out all of his stuff at The Dad Podcast.

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