Tonight On The Conway Show: Sneak Peek At The "One More Orbit" Documentary

Remember "One More Orbit"?

It was the 25,000-mile mission that also became the fastest ever pole-to-pole flight around the world! 46 Hours and 40 minutes to be exact. (The previous record was held at 52 hours and 32 minutes, and set back in 2008).

The record-breaking team included former ISS Commander Colonel Terry Virts and Action Aviation Chairman Hamish Harding. They even brought on board a cinematographer fully-equipped and ready to live feed the trip to the mission control director, Captain Ian Cameron.

"Our mission pays homage to the Apollo 11 moon landing, by highlighting how humans push the boundaries of aeronautics," Harding said in a statement. "It is our way of paying tribute to the past, the present, and the future of space exploration."

Even more amazing than breaking just one world record, the team also broke eleven others during the mission... And it was all documented.

Now, months after the mission was complete, the team is ready to screen a documentary celebrating "One More Orbit".

Terry Virts and Hamish Harding will join the Tim Conway Jr. Show on Tuesday to discuss their journey before it airs! Just make sure you're listening to KFI AM 640.


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