A Divorce Lawyer Tells Us How to Stay in Love

We've heard it all: absence makes the heart grow fonder AND out of sight, out of mind. So what's the right answer? This is just one example of all the different and competing bits of advice we hear to stay happy in love.

JAMES J. SEXTON, Esq., is a trial lawyer with two decades of experience negotiating and litigating high-conflict divorces. He's been described by former clients as a “compassionate and dedicated advocate” and a “courtroom gunslinger.” He's also the author of "How to Stay in Love."

Sexton and Dr. Wendy get to the heart of it. Sexton suggests one of the biggest keys to love is preventative maintenance, the little things that can and should be done to stay connected. An affair isn't why divorce happens. It's all the missed opportunities to stay close that made the affair possible.

He also reminds us that "constructive criticism" is really just criticism...and NOBODY likes criticism.

Here are just a few other topics covered in his book.

  • When and how you say things to your partner is as important as what you say. A confrontational, aggressive approach usually demands an immediate response and often leads to people feeling and reacting defensively.
  • Make sure your relationship choices and decisions are driven by design and necessity, not default and habit. People in long-term relationships change, and so does their partnership.
  • Spend more time on your actual relationship than virtual fantasies and flirtations. Infidelity has been around forever, but the fact is, social media, text messages, mobile phones, and email make it that much easier to engage in flirtations and to cheat with plausible deniability.

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How to Stay in Love

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