Police Rescue Woman Trapped In Clothing Donation Bin For Three Days

A New Jersey woman is lucky to be alive after spending three days trapped inside of a clothing donation bin. The unidentified 38-year-old woman told the police she was reaching into the bin on Friday (January 3) night when somebody pushed her inside and closed the door. The bin was behind an apartment building in the city of Paterson, and nobody realized she was stuck inside for nearly 72 hours.

The woman was unable to move her legs and remained locked inside until Monday morning when a passerby heard her yelling for help and called 911. Firefighters had to use spreaders to force open the bin to free the woman. She told them she had no feeling in her legs and was taken the hospital where she received treatment for frostbite.

Authorities have questioned the homeless woman's story and said that it was the third time in two years that officers have had to rescue her from inside a clothing donation bin.


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