Vagrants, Thieves & Filth Cause Local Family Business To Close

Meet the Workman family when John & Ken talk to them today at 5pm.

These hard-working people have closed their local family-owned ACE hardware store in Riverside because vagrants ran amok at their store location.

Here is an email from a KFI listener who alerted us about this situation:

Thank you for bringing attention to the out of control issue with vagrancy in Riverside. Today, one of our local AceHardwarefranchise had to close its doors and the owners started a major reason was issues related to theft and criminal behavior by vagrants. I am enclosing a copy of a photo someone took of the store's sign announcing their closing and a transcription of what they wrote. It has been posted publically on the "What is Going on in Riverside County" Facebook page. Some individuals who are aligned by the mayor have been posting critiques of your shows coverage of our problems...and those critiques are getting eviscerated by residents who are tired living how we live. You are 100% spot on in your assessment and your coverage of the issue is really rallying people to take back our city. Please consider giving some airtime to this latest closure and perhaps contacting the owners for comment.

The Workman family posted this statement on their store front door. Very sad.

Who is going to protect us????

Michelle Mears at did a great job telling the Workman's story. Read it here

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