Judge Blocks California Gig Law From Affecting Truckers


Photo: Getty Images

A federal judge has temporarily blocked California's new "gig" labor law from impacting truckers. The law pertains to so-called "gig" jobs like ride share drivers but also impacts those working in the cleaning industry, construction and maintenance, truckers.

The law makes it more difficult for companies to classify workers as contractors - who aren't subject to provisions such as overtime pay and worker's compensation coverage. Proponents of the law say companies have been taking advantage of these workers.

Opponents say the law would have a devastating affect on the trucking industry which has long used independent contract drivers. If not stopped, they say thousands of truckers might have to walk away from leases - meaning hundreds of thousands of dollars already invested in their own trucks could be down the drain.

In temporarily blocking the law Tuesday, CBS News reports the judge says the state law likely violates federal law and opponents are likely to succeed in their challenge.

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