Your Car Might Just Be Spying On You

There's a great deal of information that your car knows about you... At least that's what the Washington Post learned after the paper hacked the infotainment computer inside a 2017 Chevy Volt.

They found that the vehicle copied and stored personal data from a smartphone including call records, contacts, even photos, as well as the precise locations where the person had visited.

Recreating the test with a Chevrolet infotainment computer bought off eBay, an automotive technology expert was able to build a profile of that car's former owner. Check out the video -

According to the Post, GM would not reveal what the vehicle was collecting, and there are no federal regulations protecting drivers from having their data sent to the automaker.

Isn't everything listening to us at this point? Alexa, play Somebody's Watching Me by Rockwell...

Get the full details on The Washington Post.

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