Clerk Charged For Providing Alcohol to Minor Who Killed Family on Halloween

Two parents and their 3-year-old were trick or treating when 20-year-old Carlo Adrian Navarro's, car allegedly jumped the curb. Long Beach PD says that the alcohol came from a clerk at a nearby store.

"She provided alcohol to the suspect that night. He then drove off and ended up killing those three victims." The store was just two miles away from the fatal incident. The minor has told police he took several shots before the crash.

Navarro has pleaded not guilty in the case. Sources have told KFI's Corbin Carson that the 20-year-old frequently purchased alcohol from that store and although he'd had no money Halloween night, the clerk provided the alcohol anyways.

"We're making sure that our community knows that we will be holding everyone accountable."

City councilman Doug Haubert says that although this is an extreme case, it's also a wakeup call.

"If you serve to minors then the repercussions are going to come back on you."

"We're hoping that our action in this case sends a message to other people that giving alcohol to minors has consequences and we're trying to avoid another tragedy like this."

The clerk faces misdemeanor charges.

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