A Live Rehearsal Of "It's A Wonderful Life"

Did you hear about how our show will be doing a live rendition of "It's A Wonderful Life" this Friday?


Well we talked about it a lot for quite a while, so that's kinda on you if you didn't know anything about it.


Gary (who rewrote the entire play to fit our show, crew, and station) has been taking the preparation process very seriously and basically demanded that we do some sort of rehearsal today. (Don't tell Shannon, but I think Gay is a little nervous that she's gonna mess it up. He won't say it out loud, but there have been implications... I'm lying. He has definitively stated it.)

The rehearsal went well. I think. Honestly, I have no idea what Gary was really looking for, but we all did our best.

Tune in on Friday 12/20 at 12:30pm to hear our entire rendition of the play!

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