Who Should Be The 2019 'Hack Of The Year'?

Oh, 2019... What a great year it has been...


Unfortunately, John and Ken have had to throw a lot of hacks into the dumpster this year. It's pretty incredible that the dumpster still has room inside! But as each year comes to an end, we like to take time to look back on the wonderful memories we made (throwing those hacks into the dumpster).

There's too many hacks for just one poll this year, so we've decided to do it in rounds.

Here's the first round! Tough decisions, we know...

Make sure you put in your vote for 2019's 'Hack Of The Year'! And keep an eye on our Twitter @johnandkenshow for the next poll...

We'll add our next round of lovely contestants in a few days.

Happy Holidays, Hacks!

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