Riverside Mayor Rusty Bailey Goes Homeless To... "Help The Homeless"

Riverside Mayor Rusty Bailey is saving Los Angeles from the homeless crisis!!!

We wish...

He's actually just decided to become part of the homeless community himself. You know what they say! If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

According to The Press-Enterprise, Bailey has been spending a few nights in a shed-like shelter outside of an actual homeless shelter in Hulen Place, Riverside... Since October, he says he's slept about 10-15 nights in an 8 foot long, 8 foot wide uninsulated structure. Really roughing it out there!

His reasoning for all of this? To "draw attention" to the city's homeless crisis.

“That’s months of our neighbors without homes living in the cold and maybe dying in the cold,” Bailey said.

Read Mayor Bailey's full plan to solve the homeless crisis on The Press-Enterprise.

Check out the setup he's staying in below:

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