Portland Porch Pirate Pilfers Package of Puppy Poo

Here on the Bill Handel show we love stories about porch pirates...

Not because we love the super jerk thing they do of actually stealing your stuff...we love the creative ways people deter them.

From trash, to glitter and even using fake packages in a sting to catch them there's a lot of great ways to mess with these rat bastards.

But our favorite so far is simple, organic and will really pack a punch.

It's poo.

And having had one delivery too many stolen, Portland resident Matt Coats decided to take his revenge on the next set of thieves.

He filled a box with his dog's poop as bait and left it outside...a few days later it was gone.

Coats caught the theft on his doorbell camera and a neighbor said the open package was found later only four blocks away.

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