#FeelGoodNews Stray Dog Finds Herself A 'Fur'ever Home

Sometimes, animals help themselves find a home for Christmas.

A few blog posts ago, I told you about Frosting The Good Boy, the dog that was found by Kristofer Goldsmith, running around the streets of Washington D.C. As soon as Frosting saw Kristofer, he jumped into his arms. Well, it turns out Frosting WAS owned by someone else, but despite being contacted, they apparently didn't want Frosting back, so Kristofer and his wife adopted him and he has been living the life ever since. Read that blog post here. That's fate in my book.

Well, meet Suzy.

This weekend, Philadelphia was experiencing a storm and Suzy was wandering the streets looking for a place to stay dry.

Lucky for her, the storm blew the front door of Jack Jokinen's home open, unbeknownst to Jack and his wife.

When they woke the next morning, they found a malnourished and injured Suzy, in their home, and had no idea how she got there. The front door was locked, the back door was locked, so HOW did she get there?

Jack checked his security camera footage, and saw the dog limping up the street, passing their home then apparently circling back, climbing the steps and walking right in at about 3:15am. He realized then that he likely didn't push the door fully closed after taking their own dog, George, for a walk and the wind blew the door wide open later in the evening after everyone had gone to bed. Even luckier, a man walks by a short time later, sees the open door, and pulls it closed, which is why, when Jack and his wife got up the next morning, they were stumped at how the dog got in since everything was locked! (Jack has since found out that the man is a neighbor who was just concerned about the door being left open, so he closed it so the house was secure, Jack met him in person to thank him for being a good neighbor.)

Jack and his wife called animal control and were told that they could drop her off, and if she wasn't micro-chipped, she would end up in the system to wait to be adopted (and we know what happens to dogs that end up in the system sometimes) So Jack and his wife decided to take matter into their own hands. They took Suzy to the vet, and found out that she was about 9-years-old and not only did she not have a chip, she was, in fact, malnourished, and has a few other age related medical issues that need to be attended to.

So, they decided that they would welcome Suzy into their family and let her live the rest of her life in peace and comfort, with a family, a full belly and a warm bed. Jack has opened up his Venmo account for anyone who wishes to help them cover some of Suzy's medical bills, but regardless of whether he gets donations, he says, Suzy will be well cared for. If they receive more donations than needed to cover Suzy's medical bills, they will donate what is leftover to a worthy animal charity.

If you'd like to donate, Jack's Venmo is @JackJokinen

And you can now follow Suzy and her adventures on Instagram @SuzynPupman

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