Starbucks Employee Quits Job with Profane Song in Front of Customers

For some people who hate their jobs, many may fantasize about leaving the workplace in a blaze of glory as they quit.

And while it may be a wild fantasy for some, one Starbucks worker made his a musical reality.

In an expletive laced song, Anesti Danelis grabbed his guitar and began his literal swan song in a store full of customers.

As reported by Fox:

“Dear manager, I’ve been working here for so long… I’ve got something I want to tell you, so I thought I would say it in a song,” Danelis sings. “[Expletive] I quit, [expletive] this place, I quit. I don’t want to work for someone who treats their employees like [expletive].”
He continued: “I found a way better job. Today was my last day, I know I got, like, 10 more shifts to work, but [expletive] it. I’m not going to show up to them anyways. And it feels so good to say I [expletive] quit.”

Check out the full performance below...


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