2019 Year In Search: Baby Yoda, Jussie Smollett, and Game of Thrones

They say Google is your best friend when it comes to getting answers... And now, Google is giving back with the "2019 Year In Search" which breaks down the top searches from entertainment and news, to recipes and “what is” searches.

Jussie Smollett comes in at #10 after the actor was accused of faking a racial assault...

The new iPhone 11 comes in at #9, and #8 most Googled was Game of Thrones. Avengers: Endgame ranked #7, and Luke Perry came in at #6 after the actor's untimely death...

Antonio Brown was the #5 most Googled after his release from the New England Patriots... Hurricane Dorian came in at #4, and Nipsey Hussle was the #3 most Googled after he was shot and killed in May.

Cameron Boyce, who also passed this year (at the age of 21), came in at #2...

And Disney Plus took the top spot as the number one most Googled in 2019.

Check out the full list on CNN!

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