Detective Fil Waters Joins Gary and Shannon

Detective Fil Waters has reached legendary status. Throughout his historic 33-year career in law enforcement, Detective Waters has made a name for himself as one of the nations most successful interrogators. Of the 400 plus murder investigations that he has been assigned, he has gained confessions in over 90% of those cases.

He is the real deal. How does he do it? With his calm but stern demeanor, Waters perfected the ability to dig deep into the suspect's psyche by using strategic lines of questioning, reading people's voice inflections and body language to uncover confessions.

Waters' career will be highlighted by Investigation Discovery's new six-part series, The Interrogator. Viewers will head into the interrogation room and see firsthand how he utilizes his unique instinct and interrogation skills to gain confessions. The show is set to showcase his expertise that only a top-notch homicide detective develops.

You can catch the first two episodes on the Investigation Discovery's website for free or catch it on Thursdays. Check out the legendary career of Detective Fil Waters and watch him in action.

Gary and Shannon welcome Detective Fil Waters to the show. He discusses The Interrogator and recounts shocking cases.

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