Fired County Sheriff’s Deputy Sues for Fourth Time to Get Job Back

A fired Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy has made his fourth attempt to get back his badge. Carl Mandoyan claims in a new lawsuit that his firing was handled unfairly earlier this summer. He was originally fired over domestic abuse allegations, however Sheriff Alex Villanueva rehired the deputy shortly after taking office last December. The county later forced Mandoyan out again. But a judge ordered Mandoyan to turn over his gun and badge this summer. The ex-deputy claims evidence was held back that would have helped him keep his job.

County Lawyer Skip Miller says the latest lawsuit is frivolous.

"He's filed three prior lawsuits and he's lost them all. You don't get to do it that way. You don't get to make up evidence and keep going back to court. That's not how our system works."

Miller added that this lawsuit will not get very far. "As far as I can tell he cooked it up in his kitchen. It doesn't amount to anything. Doesn't go anywhere."

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