SHLS - Woman Injured by Tigers at Moorpark Sanctuary


Photo courtesy of Getty Images

A Moorpark animal sanctuary was holding an event meant to thank donors earlier this week.

It was then that two Bengal tigers injured sanctuary owner, Patty Perry.

Perry's friend and lawyer for Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Inc., Michael Bradbury said:

"They were playing with her. It was not anything more serious than that. But when you've got a 600-pounder that's playing with you, that's a little different than your house cat."

The Los Angeles Times reports that luckily there was a crew from the Ventura County Fire Department who was able to help the woman.

Bradbury said that Perry was a bit hurt but there was "nothing life threatening".

The Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Inc. is a nonprofit organization that is meant to educate the public on conservation efforts.

This is their description of interacting with tigers:

"The experience of being 'up close and personal' with a wild animal is something that will never leave one's mind. It creates a personal responsibility towards stewarship."

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